This time last year we were looking for ways to garner attention to our product on a more local level. We had considered flea markets and local fashion shows and bridal shows where we could physically show people the quality of our products. We had some success that continued through the summer when a big break hit us quite unexpectedly. On a quiet Sunday we were in our booth when this couple walked up to us and asked us if we would like to be in their show. They told us how our product would be perfect for their show coming up in two weeks.

We were very intrigued at the sales pitch, even if it was a pitch at all. It really seemed like it was just that our booth caught the attention of this family out for a Sunday afternoon and conversation flowed from there. These people seemed very genuine in what they were telling us.

After everything had a chance to sink in and we started to think about what had just happened the questions started coming. What was it about our little booth that would make us so special? Then we started wondering how busy this show really was if they hadn’t had all the booths booked up yet. Our excitement was coming back to Earth. Was this a legitimate offer? Who were these people? We did some quick research, confirmed that there really was a show, matched that the phone numbers given to us were correct and matched those on the shows website. Everything seemed above board.

Then the planning stages began. How do you plan for a show in two weeks? Correction; how do you plan for a REALLY BIG show in two weeks? Well, a lot of it was how you might say on a wing and a prayer, or by the seat of our pants. We had no idea what was going to sell at this show as most other shows we did had a theme that we could follow. This shows theme was everything we based our product line around. Literally everything we sell could be a major hit at this show. With limited space we had to make huge decisions on what to take and what to leave behind. So we took everything. The truck was full, the box in the back, the back seat, the front seat….with a truck full of sexy lingerie and sex toys, and a two hour drive ahead of us there would have been some major questions from the police officer had we been pulled over.


Stay in touch for more of Naughty Girl Lingerie’s adventures at the Everything to do with Sex Show in Toronto.

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