Dear Dr. Naughty G.

I know you’re not really a qualified therapist or anything, but I was wondering if you could help me out. Lately my husband has seemed a little distant. I know he has been stressed at work and I am not sure how to get his mind off of it and back onto me.


Dear Anonymous,

You are correct, I am not qualified to give advice and your situation might require much more then I am able to provide.

Your question is very short and to the point, but unfortunately it does not provide much detail. So I will go with what you gave me. It sounds to me that you are quite certain that the distance from your husband is due to his work related stress. I am not sure how long you have been married or even how old you are, but have you tried a “date night”? A night to get away from the everyday life of kids and regular household chores might help to put his mind in a different place. Think of something you guys used to do at the beginning of your relationship, after all, that would most likely have been when he was thinking of you the most, and probably a time when he fell in love with you to start with. What better way to rekindle that spark and get his mind going in the direction you wish.
Maybe a little more time is needed then that, maybe a holiday is in order. That would get him away from work altogether for a week or so. Could that be arranged? Now that the weather has turned nice, a trip to the beach, even for a few days, could do the trick.

Another option that I find could be extremely effective is role play in the bedroom. I am not sure how you feel about this, but hear me out on it (Actually the more uncomfortable each of you are with this, the more effective it could be). If each of you are pretending to be some character that is not yourself, then you are concentrating on that, as well as acting out the fantasy and if you are each in sexy costumes then you should both be focused on each other, and isn’t that what you asked me to help you with?


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