Dear Dr. Naughty G,

My boyfriend wants me to wear sexy lingerie to bed but I feel it is a waste of time and money as it is only going to come off in less than 30 seconds. How can I get him to see this?



Dear Carol,

It is quite a coincidence that you use the phrase “get him to see this” as men are very visual in nature. This visual thing must be ingrained in men somehow. Have you ever listened to a guys’ conversation? If one guy says something like, ‘my boat is doing this or my car is doing that’, the other guy almost invariably says, ‘let’s go have a look’. No matter how obvious the situation is. Apparently it carries over to a relationship. They have to have a “look”. But once they see, it all becomes ‘mechanical’. They must already sense this because a lot of guys think like your boyfriend. They want something sexy, something sheer. They want something that gives them a peek, but not the whole package. A man wants to see, but if you hide it or keep it somewhat mysterious, it keeps his interest. Isn’t that what you want? To you it might only be 30 seconds, but he might have been thinking about it all day. And when he finally gets to see you in it, he will be so revved up to get to the good parts that it will all be worth it to you in the end.

Yes I said “in the end”. After all, my name is Naughty G. 😉


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