GPS Babydoll

There’s a new line of lingerie that has horrified feminists around the world. It is a babydoll that comes equipped with a GPS tracking system. The GPS device is stitched into the see-thru part of the body close to the waistline. This lace babydoll, complete with bikini bottom and an imitation pearl collar has been described as a “modern day high tech chastity belt”.

One high profile feminist proclaimed that “It is outrageous to think that men can buy this, program it, give it to their partners and then monitor them.”

Lucia Lorio, the designer of this lingerie piece believes otherwise and targets the ‘modern techno savvy woman’ with her new line.  She believes that it is, in her words, “a wink to women and a challenge to men” because there is a password associated with this otherwise sexy garment that allows the woman to turn on and off the GPS capabilities. So, for the men that think they can keep track of the woman in their lives, they would be wrong. It is totally in her control.

She feels that there is even the possibility that it could one day be a life saver in the fact that if women were to wear this if they find themselves in any sort of dangerous situation it could help locate their whereabouts.Gps-Babydoll

Nevertheless, others have called for an outright boycott of her lingerie collection, labelling her as a “modern day enslaver”.

I wonder if any of this even matters when you realize the price point in today’s economic market runs around the $700.00 US mark or beyond.


What do you think? Does this enslave women and make it so men can treat them as though they are property, or is it a fun flirtatious lingerie item that might give a new meaning to the game of “peek-a-boo”?

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