Lingerie Ad Too Sexy??

Recently an advertisement for a lingerie company in Australia got pulled for being “too sexy”. I guess the phrase “too sexy” is relevant and, well subjective.

As much as Naughty Girl Lingerie is into selling sexy lingerie, we have to say that we believe that there is a difference between ‘too sexy’ and vulgar, or perverted or just plain inappropriate.  To me, saying someone is too sexy is akin to them saying that someone is too beautiful, the very sound of it conveys the thought of envy or outright jealousy. It is saying you are better looking than me and I don’t like it so I am going to complain about it. Once you see this ad (posted below) you will understand what I am talking about. Some of the complaints about this ad compared it to “amateur porn”, of all things. Noting the “sexual positions” that Simone Holtznagel, the model in the ad, was engaged in. I’m sorry, but I didn’t see any position that could even possibly be compared to a sexual position. And I don’t know what they consider “amateur porn” in Australia but, ummm, really? It just baffles my mind what some people will come up with in order to get their way when they are envious of what someone else has.


We even heard there were complaints of close up shots of the Holtznagel’s body wearing the lingerie. We can’t see how the close-ups could have even been considered offensive. The advertisement scanned her body from the bra to the briefs emphasizing the garments. It wasn’t a scroll from her feet to her head showing details irrelevant to the product at hand. It didn’t show any lewd crude or inappropriate images whatsoever, in our opinion. But I guess that’s where the subjectivity comes into play. Who makes up these rules? Are they different for every model? I mean, if the model had stretch marks would it have been considered acceptable then? How about if she had an extra few pounds on her? Would we have accepted this advertisement then? Maybe if it was different brand, one that had more public appeal, and we’re not claiming to know anything about this companies appeal as it is half way around the world from us. Regardless, I can’t help but think that if some minor detail was different about this advertisement it would be considered acceptable. But if the real reason is that the model is too sexy, isn’t that body shaming?


Just because it has been done for far too long to people with bodies that have some sort of flaw, or perceived flaws doesn’t mean it is acceptable to now target those that we think are more attractive then ourselves. Most people have insecurities about certain parts of their bodies and putting others down does not serve to lift us up. It just degrades everyone.

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