Make-up artists are extremely under-rated. When we started in the lingerie industry we had a good idea of what looks good and what does not. We would see lingerie in a picture or on a model and think, that looks good or this does not look so good. It wasn’t hard to make decisions on what we thought would sell well.

What we didn’t realize is the extent to which make-up artists actually define what a person is wearing. Make up sets the mood on a models face. It gives them expression. It makes them look soft or strong. It gives them attitude or depth of character. It can make an average person look stunning.

Before and After Make-up Artists

If you have ever seen “before and after” photographs of actresses, you will know exactly what I mean. How many times have you seen an actress in one movie and then watched a separate movie and wondered what it was different about her? With plastic surgery or other types of cosmetic surgery so prevalent in the upper class, it is safe to assume that that is why they look different. And you would probably be right. But not always. As we have learned in our time as a lingerie business owner, and seeing what some make-up artists can do, we have been amazed at how one person can be transformed from one look to another. They can make two completely unrelated people look like twins. With simple make-up tricks, these artists, (yes, they are truly artists) can literally lift where a person’s eyes appear to be on their face, or increase the size of their lips. The limits seem to be endless.


Amazing make-up transformation

Maybe we shouldn’t say this, but sometimes we would pick out a killer outfit and it would just sit on our site with no real explanation as to why. The only reasoning we could come up with is what the model looked like in the outfits when we were in the selecting process.

I guess even professionals can be prone to how a product is advertised. Please do not let us deter you from wanting to try some of our fantastic lingerie items. Lingerie is not about what the model looks like before you buy it. It is about you. Only you. It is about how you feel in it, so be sure to pick out your color. If you are comfortable with your body, then you might be happy with something that is a little more sheer then some people that might be a little more conservative. Always, and we mean always make sure that you get something that fits properly. Nothing will make you more aware than an item that grabs or pinches. This will have a tendency to make you feel self-conscious that it just doesn’t look right. But enough of that, we were talking about make-up.

If ever you are thinking about getting any sort of photos taken, be sure to get a good make-up artist before any pics are snapped. You will be glad you took the time to consider this as an option. And it’s a lot cheaper than plastic surgery.

I almost forgot why I started writing this article, I do that sometimes, get going on a tangent, or take a break because of family things and sit down an hour or so later. Then I read what I have wrote and just take off from there. I will try to be more vigilant from now on.

Fashion Magazine has a whole article on Olivia Munn, an actress in Magic Mike among other notable spots, and how she “cringes” at a photo of her without make-up. Saying that that “it doesn’t look like her. At all.” Well, we beg to differ. Maybe that is what she looks like, you know, the natural no make-up look. Then she goes on to say that she can change what she looks like from week to week because of make-up.  After all, if make-up can change your appearance from one week to the next, then maybe what you really look like is when you aren’t wearing any. Unfortunately, we have not seen this photo, (maybe we should say fortunately with the fuss she is putting up about it) to make any comment on it, but it just goes to show how much make-up can really play a part of high profile people’s lives.


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