More Boob Less Bra Says Lingerie Expert

Take it from the lingerie  expert, Heidi Klumm when she says “more boob less bra“. As much as we disagree with the fact that a woman’s breasts should be considered sexual on there own, it is also a woman’s right to be sexy when she wants to be.

 Heidi,  who admits to being a nudist and has a love for strutting around nude, or very minimal lingerie, also confesses her insecurities about herself. As much as she is considered a super model,  it seems makeup artists and Photoshop do a fantastic job of covering up any imperfections.

Confidence is Sexy.


 She routinely goes out in public to hear people quietly,  and probably not so quietly, comment about how she doesn’t look as good in person. I’m  sure this would deflate the ego of even the most confident among us at some point or another. Although, making statements like ‘more boob less bra‘, make it seem as though she is pretty confident.

 Why people even feel the need to make remarks like this, privately or not, is beyond our comprehension. Some people seem to have a need to bring others down to where they think they are.  Instead,  we should all strive to rise to where we think they are.

 Maybe you think the motto ‘more boob less bra’ is for you. Or you might think you prefer more bra. Just be confident and be free. Be naughty or be nice. Just be who you are. And be proud of it.
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